Hair Accessories Brand Milk+Sass
Milk+Sass Macaron for Hair

LOS ANGELES — Hair accessory brand Milk+Sass launches a delicacy in detangling with Macaron for Hair™.  The patent-pending brush is not only quirky but also highly functional and ergonomic. It claims to quickly and painlessly detangle any hair type or texture and it also comes equipped with its own compact mirror for on-the-go grooming.

“We are so excited to officially launch our Macaron for Hair –it is truly unlike any other detangling brush in its class,” said Milk+Sass Founder, Nadia Valentino. “While its cute macaron shape and trendy colors will catch eyes, it is the incredible versatility of the brush that truly makes it a must-have for anyone seeking soft, shiny, breakage-free hair.”

Macaron for Hair introduces a patent-pending design that is able to detangle hair twice as fast as conventional brushes on the market. Featuring strategically sturdy radial bristles, Macaron for Hair requires fewer passes through hair, resulting significantly less breakage and ample shine. Additionally, its removable cover, which doubles as a bristle protector and a compact mirror, gives the bite-sized detangling brush a uniquely travel-friendly edge.

“We were absolutely meticulous in every aspect of the brush’s design, be it cosmetic or functional,” said Valentino. “Unlike other detangling brushes, which often feature softer bristles, ours are slightly sturdier. Not only does this provide a great scalp massage, but it also allows this particular brush to effectively detangle any person’s hair in any state, be it wet, dry, synthetic, natural, curly, or straight.”

The new Macaron for Hair™ is available in a variety of fashionable “flavors” to suit all tastes.  For more information, please visit


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