Welcome to my new beauty blog Hot Cup of Beauty.  It’s your destination for all that surrounds the business of beauty.

Who am I?

By day, I am a marketer.  I’ve worked across a few industries but the years I’ve spent working in beauty and personal care have been the most exciting and rewarding.  I love beauty as a consumer and as a professional.  It’s such a dynamic and creative industry and the growth seems to be endless.

I am totally new to blogging but I’m excited to finally be here.  A big THANK YOU to all of the veteran bloggers who have been so helpful by sharing tips on how to get started.  Although I am new to the game, I hope that you will visit Hot Cup of Beauty regularly for the very latest on new products, new brands, trends, tips, and industry news.

As you may have guessed, I have chosen to blog anonymously.  Strange, right?  Especially for a beauty blogger.  However, because of my day job, it’s easier for me express myself honestly when I blog without a name.  I do look forward to the day of my big reveal which I hope is sooner rather than later.

So, what’s up with this name Hot Cup of Beauty?

Well, in addition to beauty products, I enjoy a good ole hot cup of coffee.  It’s a treat that I look forward to every morning.  And, like beauty, it’s very uplifting.  It’s that simple.

Thank you for visiting and I hope to see you again soon.